Wednesday, December 1, 2010

JDeveloper Fine-Tuning

I had a lot of requests on how to fine-tune JDeveloper so I have decided to upload some tips on how to improve the performance of your JDeveloper.

All JDeveloper configurations settings are store in the jdev.conf configuration file which is located in the C:\<middleware_home>\jdeveloper\jdev\bin directory. There are several configuration options that you can change to fine-tune your JDeveloper. Please note that all of them are clearly commented.

A specific request was that JDeveloper was quite slow in deploying and running an ADF Web Application. What i would suggest is to alter the maximum and minimum heap size the Java virtual machine can address. In my case I am using JDeveloper 11g with the default installed jdk (C:\<middleware_home>\jdk160_18). If you start your integrated weblogic server, you should see that the default minimum heap size (-Xmx) is 256m and the default maximum heap size (-Xmx) is 512m. The difference between the two values is the virtual memory. I would recommend that you increase these values to overcome the performance issues that you are facing.

Furthermore, Oracle provides you with many documents related to java performance and can be located here.

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