Thursday, December 29, 2016

Templating in Oracle Process Cloud Service

Oracle Process Cloud Service released a new capability in the space of re-usability and templating called "QuickStart Master", a way to streamline application and process development by promoting your own applications as templates.

This feature is build on top of the existing QuickStart Apps capability, a very nice feature which part part of the very first release of Oracle PCS.

So let's see how you can create a very simple application in Oracle Process Cloud Service and how you can promote it as a QuickStart app.

Create a new application in Oracle Process Cloud Service, give it a name and file it under a space (I've named it "Travel Request Application" under a custom space called "aantoniou").
Create also a sample process. For simplicity purposes I've created a process using the "Form" pattern and named it "TravelRequestProcess".

Open the "Start" properties, define a title and create a new "Web Form".

Save your work and close the process. We are now ready to convert our application to a QuickStart Master.

To do so, from the "Application Home" click on the elipse button (denoted by the three dots) and choose "Convert to QuickStart Master".

On the confirmation dialog select "Yes". You can define some generic properties for your QuickStart app as well as some personalization criteria.

Expand the "Properties" section and choose an image to be used for your QuickStart App.

Colapse the "Properties" section and expand "Personalize". You can add multiple customization layers to control what settings users can customize. Click on the plus button to create a new customization.

Define a label and a title for the item that you want to provide customization capabilities. From the "Process" drop down select your process and select the type of component and the specific item that you want to provide a customization (I've selected the "Activity" type and the "Start" item).

Depending on the component type and the actual item selected, you have various properties which can be flagged for customization. In my case where I've selected the "Start" activity component, the only properties available for customization is the title (if you switch component type and item, for example lane and choose one of your lanes, you should see the "Role" property available for customization).

You also have the ability to give the capability to the users of this QuickStart app to disable the item under customization. I've left the default option to "No".

Click on "Done" and save your work. We are now ready to promote our QuickStart Master as a QuickStart application. To do so click on the "Promote" button. On the "Request to Promote as QuickStart App" properties window define a name and click "Promote"

You should get a confirmation message that your application was promoted as a QuickStart app.

Let's create a new application using our application we just promoted as a QuickStart app. From the "Composer Home" click on "Create" and select "QuickStart App". From the list of QuickStart apps select our promoted application template to create a new application.

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