Monday, November 21, 2016

Private Application Deployments in Oracle Process Cloud Service - New Feature!

The latest Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS) brought finer control with respect to deployment strategies with the introduction of "Private" deployments, an entirely new feature that allows you to define deployment permissions on individual environments.

Previous versions of Oracle Process Cloud Service allowed the developer to not only test their applications, which basically does a deployment to a sandbox environment, but to also deploy applications to configured targets.

The latest Oracle Process Cloud Service allows you to define a more fine grained deployment strategy, thus restricting developers from deploying applications and only granting this privilege to a user with administrative permissions.

What is even more interesting is that this configuration can be performed for each target. So for example, you might have different environments, DEV, TEST and PROD and only allow developers to deploy on DEV.

To configure the deployment permissions, from the Composer Home page click on "Management". You will notice that for each server there is a drop down with the default selection set to "Private". This denotes that only administrators can deploy applications to that server.

Use the drop down list and select the "Open" deployment option to allow both administrators and developers to deploy to the selected target.

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