Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oracle Java 8 is Out!

Oracle officially launched the release of Java 8 with some really nice features that includes lambda expressions and streams, compact profiles to deploy applications with only the components required by your application, Java FX becoming full open source, some really cool date and time APIs to support business calendars, Japanese, Buda and Islamic calendars, a flight recorder to monitor performance, Nashorn which is a light-weight yet high performance Javascript runtime built on top of the actual JVM operating with the garbage collector and other JVM components and being able to call Java from Javascript, Java ME embedded to grow the capabilities for IoT (Internet of Things) and the most cool performance feature of them all is eliminating PermGen by having the JVM automatically adjusting the PermSize.

An on-demand replay of the launch will be soon provided along with many video sessions of the new features (http://www.oracle.com/java8launch).
Download Java SE 8 and happy hacking!

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